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Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts
Mercedes-Benz Parts in Auckland

Our in-house Parts Team supply Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts to our workshop for vehicle repairs and servicing, to panel repairers in our region, and - of course - direct to our customers. 

Our Parts Team can also help you with purchasing Mercedes-Benz gifts and merchandise, from clothing and key rings to sports bags and golf umbrellas. Contact our team on the links below or by calling 09 443 3808 to make an enquiry.

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Servicing your Mercedes-Benz? Always insist on Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts.

Every one of our Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts is subject to the same exacting standards as the vehicles that leave our factory. The experience from over a century of vehicle and parts manufacture is channelled into maintaining all of the outstanding qualities of your vehicle, from its quality and proven standards of safety to its dependability – even thousands of kilometres down the line.

Whatever the part, you can be assured that it is of the highest quality and designed to maintain the performance and comfort of your Mercedes-Benz to the standard you expect.

Video Demonstration

Watch a video demonstration put together by Mercedes-Benz Parts specialists, showing the danger of using counterfeit Mercedes-Benz parts. 

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