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The Mercedes-Benz Collection 2016
Mercedes-Benz Collection

Continue the lifestyle.

Made with passion and attention to detail, the Mercedes-Benz Collection captures the allure of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The Mercedes-Benz Collection features an extensive product range including watches, accessories, fashion and clothing, travel and gift ideas.

The Mercedes-Benz Collection 2016

There’s no set timetable when it comes to appreciating the best things in life. Like the range of high-quality accessories from Mercedes-Benz. Enjoy the exclusive Mercedes-Benz Collection – from that first early morning glance at your watch to winding down at the end of the day in a casual AMG T-shirt.

Whatever you have in mind, savour the uncompromising quality and exciting design of Mercedes-Benz. 24 hours a day.

View the catalogue below for some inspiration, or contact our team on 09 443 3808 or to request a price or place an order.