Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts

Only GenuineParts are optimally designed for Mercedes-Benz Vans.
Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts

Every time a non-genuine part is fitted into a Mercedes-Benz Van, it becomes a little less Mercedes-Benz. A little less carefully engineered. A little less like the vehicle chosen because of its quality. All parts are not created equal. Only Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are engineered specifically for our Vans and optimally adapted for use with the other components.

Maximise uptime - fit GenuineParts

Maximise uptime - fit GenuineParts

GenuineParts are carefully engineered to deliver optimal performance and longer service life. Time and again, independent tests prove that Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts work harder for longer, offering significant cost-efficiencies compared to competitors.

Non-genuine parts might look the same, but a part without our stamp on it, will not have been designed and stringently tested as part of a whole vehicle system, ensuring that it performs in harmony with the rest of your Van.

  • Two-year unlimited kilometer warranty including labour – up to double the warranty of other non-OEM parts
  • Faster, easier fit- Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts are manufactured to the highest quality and designed to fit first time
  • Technically superior - over $8.26 billion is invested in Research and Development each year
  • Innovative products – at the leading edge of automotive technology
  • National Parts supply network - to ensure we get you moving in the fastest possible time

Save time and money - use GenuineOil


Poor fuel efficiency, loss of performance and even total engine failure can all be attributed to using an incorrect or inferior lubricant, which is why we recommend Mercedes-Benz GenuineOil for all our Vans.

Developed specifically for Mercedes-Benz Vans, our technically advanced GenuineOil neutralises harmful acids in your engine that would otherwise prematurely age it through corrosion, solidification of fluids or clogged filters. Used in conjunction with our next-generation exhaust after-treatment systems, GenuineOil significantly reduces pollutant emissions.

Get the best for less - use ReMan GenuineParts

ReMan GenuineParts

Not reconditioned, not refurbished – Mercedes-Benz ReMan GenuineParts are completely remanufactured to exactly the same high standards as brand new GenuineParts – a cost-effective, reliable way to ensure Mercedes-Benz Vans of all ages remain every bit Mercedes-Benz.

  • The same famously stringent quality tests as new Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts
  • 2-year unlimited kilometer warranty including labour, with exactly the same service as brand new GenuineParts guaranteed
  • Increased savings - compared to the price of new GenuineParts
  • First time, no fuss fit - remanufactured by Mercedes-Benz engineers to the highest standards and designed to perfectly fit Mercedes-Benz Vans
  • A more environmentally sound solution - a particularly appealing proposition if you have corporate sustainability targets to meet

Order Genuine Parts 24/7 via WebParts

Order Genuine Parts 24/7 via WebParts

WebParts, our online parts ordering portal, allows you to search more than 650,000 Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts in our electronic parts catalogue (EPC) then order them direct from us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WebParts is designed for customers who place regular, large orders. Features include the ability to look back at and repeat previous orders, saving your business time and making it easy to re-order commonly used parts and essentials.

GenuineParts collision repairs

GenuineParts collision repairs – for complete peace of mind

If your Van has been involved in an accident, the only way to ensure your vehicle retains the same structural integrity as it had pre-accident is to insist that the repairer uses Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts.

Our nationwide network of Mercedes-Benz approved workshops operate to specific Mercedes-Benz criteria, meaning only the work required will be carried out and your downtime will be kept to a minimum – cost-efficiency is our priority. Your local Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vans Dealer can provide you with a quote for any of your repair needs, however big or small.