Agility Finance Program

What is Agility?

Imagine purchasing your new Mercedes-Benz Van with the added reassurance of knowing you are in control when your finance contract comes to an end. When the Mercedes-Benz Agility Finance Programme* you can have just that. Agility is designed to offer you peace of mind by setting in place a Guaranteed Future Value+ or ‘Buy Back’ amount for your van at the end of your contract. Even better, there are no additional fees to do so. 

How does it work?

We know that everyone uses their van differently. That’s what Mercedes-Benz Financial tailors each Agility plan to best suit you.

Step 1. Choose your vehicle
The first step in the Agility journey is the most exciting: choose your new van including options to suit your needs.

Step 2. Choose your Kilometers
You’ve chosen your new work vehicle, and now it’s time to personalise your Agility plan, starting with the kilometres you expect to drive each year.

Step 3. Choose your term & deposit
By aligning your terms and payments to when you anticipate upgrading, your Guaranteed Future Values can allow you to be behind the wheel of a new model with ease. You can reduce your monthly payments by increasing your deposit or trade-in.

Enjoy your vehicle
With your Guaranteed Future Value in place you can drive your vehicle out of the dealership with a confidence you’ve never experienced before.

What happens at the end of the term?

At the end of your Agility contract term you can either Trade, Retain or Return your van.


Need to change your vehicle to accommodate your expanding business? By trading your vehicle in for a new model, you will be protected from negative equity and any positive equity can be used towards your new purchase.


Can’t think of a better van to keep driving than the one you already have? Keep your van by simply paying or refinancing the Guaranteed Future Value amount.


At the end of your term you also have the option of handing back the keys with no further obligations (once excess kilometres and unfair wear and tear obligations are ticked off).

* Mercedes-Benz Financial is a trading name of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services New Zealand Limited (MBFSNZ). Standard MBFSNZ credit assessment, lending criteria and fees apply. Please contact an authorised Mercedes-Benz van dealer for further details and full terms and conditions (including vehicle eligibility). 
+ Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is subject to Fair Wear and Tear return conditions, found in the First Class Finish Guide, and Excess Kilometre charges.