Business Lease

Business Lease

It's your choice

It's your choice

A Lease Agreement gives customers immediate use of the vehicle with minimal outlay. Rentals are fixed for the term of the lease, with a final payment based on the residual value. This value is set at the commencement of the contract and is the customer's responsibility.

Our Lease Agreement enables businesses or private individuals to concerve their cash by structuring a lease to suit.

Customer Benefits

  • Part of a complete financial solution, including insurance
  • Potential tax benefits for business customers
  • No or minimal outlay required, thus freeing up cash for other purposes
  • Incorporating a residual payment means payments are kept down, making it more affordable
  • Simple user-friendly documentation
  • Competitive fixed rates
  • Unlimited kilometres and no refurbishment costs

Agreement Term

  • Minimum: 6 months
  • Maximum: 60 months

Mercedes-Benz Financial Lease Agreement for businesses can be viewed differently to "purchase contracts" for tax purposes as a vehicle ownership is not transferred to you during the period of the contract. This enables you to potentially benefit from certain tax advantages. We recommend you seek independent financial and/or taxation advise as to what tax implications apply to you.

Insurance Requirements

Customers are required to maintain a comprehensive insurance policy over the vehicle.

End of Term

If the contract has a residual payment, the following three options are available to you:

  • Pay the full amount of the residual payment to Mercedes-Benz Financial
  • Refinance the amount of the residual value for a further term
  • Trade or sell the vehicle and settle the amount owing