Employer Benefits

Employer Benefits

For employers wanting to attract the best people, the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Programme makes great sense. It’s also very simple to implement, at no cost to you.

As a qualified member, employees are eligible to receive exclusive Corporate Programme benefits, including:

• Reduced Dealer Delivery fee and complimentary carpet floor mats.
• Complimentary scheduled servicing at an authorised participating Mercedes-Benz dealership for up to 4 years from the vehicle’s first registration date.
• Complimentary pick-up and drop-off, or access to a loan vehicle when your Mercedes-Benz is being serviced.
• Total of 4 years’ complimentary Mercedes-Benz Road Care nationwide.
• Competitive rates and tailored financial services solutions are made available by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services NZ Ltd (“MBFSNZ”), subject to our standard credit approval process.
• Access to the Corporate Programme vehicle evaluation fleet.
• Access to your own Corporate Sales Consultant.

If you are a Top 500 company or a company with 75 or more employees, contact our Corporate Sales Consultants today and find out what we can do for you.