Mercedes-Benz "A" Service

Mercedes-Benz "A" Service

The Mercedes-Benz "A" Service

Available exclusively to Mercedes-Benz owners, the Mercedes-Benz "A" Service is a standard service provided by our expert Mercedes-Benz technicians on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Designed to prolong your vehicle's life, maintain your vehicle's efficiency and smooth running, and reduce the risk of parts failure as far as possible, a genuine service at Mercedes-Benz North Shore is the only option for those interested in protecting their investment and enhancing their driving pleasure.

Included in the Mercedes-Benz "A" Service

An example of the items covered during a standard Mercedes-Benz "A" Service are below. Items covered may vary between models; please speak to our team to confirm what is included with your particular vehicle's service.

  • Perform engine and oil filter change
  • Check all visible parts for leaks and damage
  • Check poly-V belt for wear
  • Check and correct fluid level in brake system as needed
  • Check and correct fluid level in power steering system as needed
  • Check and correct fluid level in windshield washer system as needed
  • Check fluid level in cooling system
  • Check wheels for damage and measure tread depth
  • Check front axle ball joint for play, check rubber boots
  • Check condition of flexible couplings
  • Check track rod and steering gear for play, check rubber boots
  • Reset service indicator
  • Check operation of seat belts, seat and windows
  • Check operation of heater/air conditioning system
  • Check indicator lamps in instrument cluster
  • Check windshield wiper/washer system and headlamp cleaning system
  • Check battery condition
  • Check TIREFIT tire sealant expiry date
  • Check and correct tyre inflation pressure of spare tire
  • Check boot lighting
  • Check condition of head lamps
  • Check and correct adjustment of headlamps as needed
  • Inspect wiper blade condition
  • Check condition of rear tail lamps

On completion of the service, our technicians will carry out a final quality control check of all repairs and conduct a road test to ensure all customer requests have been fulfilled. 

Additional service items are available on request.

Also available is the Mercedes-Benz "B" Service. Speak to our team for details.