Mercedes-Benz Chipolo Bluetooth Keytag

Mercedes-Benz Chipolo
The Mercedes-Benz Chipolo Bluetooth Keytag

Mercedes-Benz and Chipolo have teamed up to produce the Mercedes-Benz Chipolo, available now in New Zealand.

The Chipolo is the world's loudest Bluetooth tracker that helps you find everyday items in seconds.

Connect your Chipolo to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and use a well-designed app to track your Chipolo's location, set off an alert sound on - either on the keytag itself by using the app, or on your mobile device by shaking the keytag - receive an alert when your Chipolo goes out of range (particularly handy if you often forget to pick up your phone when leaving your car or the office!) and see your Chipolo's last known location should you leave the keytag behind. 

By attaching the Chipolo to your everyday items, you'll never lose those important items again. The app even allows multiple Chipolo keytags that you can give useful names, allowing you to keep track of everything from your keys and your phone to your pet and your handbag!

Ideas for your Chipolo Keytag

Once you've connected your Chipolo to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, consider attaching the keytag to the following to help you keep track of your valuables:

  • Your car keys
  • Your handbag or laptop case
  • Your dog or cat's collar
  • Your child's jacket
  • Your camera
  • Your daily planner or diary
  • Take the tag off the ring and slip it in your wallet

... or let us know if you've found an even better use!

Unlike some other Bluetooth keytags which expire once the battery dies, the Chipolo boasts a replaceable battery so you can keep your Chipolo forever.

Chipolo Community Search

Chipolo even includes a crowd-search function. Let's say you left your keys somewhere in town. You can either check your Chipolo's last known location by using the app, or you can activate Community Search. With this turned on, you'll receive a notification and a location when another Chipolo user becomes in-range to your device! 

This is 100% private; the other user won't know that you're looking for your lost item, and any user can opt-out of Community Search should they so choose. 

The Mercedes-Benz Chipolo: A Beautiful, Useful, and Affordable Gift

The official Mercedes-Benz Chipolo - with its matte black finish, Mercedes-Benz logo, and presented in an exclusive Mercedes-Benz giftbox - makes for an excellent gift. 

Available now at Mercedes-Benz North Shore, Auckland, for just $79.95 including GST. 

Reserve your Chipolo by emailing, call 09 443 3808, or visit our showroom at 145 Diana Drive, North Shore, Auckland. In stock now.