The 2017 Mercedes-Benz Drive Day at Hampton Downs


Mercedes-Benz Drive Day at Hampton Downs
Last week we hosted the 2017 Mercedes-Benz Drive Day at Hampton Downs; an annual event that sees VIP guests take to the track under the guidance of professional instructors. 
This year's event consisted of two packed half-day sessions. 30 guests in each, and with a large number of instructors to provide a leading instructor-to-guest ratio. Our Mercedes-Benz instructors consist of professional drivers - many involved in racing events around the world - all very well qualified to demonstrate the advanced features of modern Mercedes-Benz cars. 
Each guest had plenty of time at the wheel in an experience that included track circuits, advanced driving maneuvers, skid pad sessions, large truck driving and even an off-road course. 
Each driving experience has been carefully designed to demonstrate exactly how Mercedes-Benz vehicles operate in extreme situations; testing the vehicle to the limit while keep occupants entirely safe and in control.
Guests left the event with renewed respect for how our vehicles perform under pressure (or in one guest's words: "when driven in anger"!), allowing them to feel even more reassured when driving through the city or on our highways.